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Maine has adopted the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Life Safety Code 101. The following sections are of importance:

  • Section 24 of this code deals with family dwellings
  • Section 26 addresses lodging and rooming houses
  • Section 28 addresses existing hotels
  • Section 29 addresses new hotels

Family Dwellings
You are allowed to rent to 3 non-family members without requiring State approval. At 2 people per bed, that equals 1 bedroom. (The 2nd rental bedroom might include a 4th person). "Buildings containing not more than two dwelling units in which each dwelling unit is occupied by members of a single family with not more than three outsiders, if any, accommodated in rented rooms."

Lodging and Rooming Houses (includes most B&Bs and many inns)
"Buildings that provide sleeping accommodations for a total of 16 or fewer persons on either a transient or permanent basis, with or without meals." For more information on lodging and rooming houses (including many B&Bs and inns), see B&B Fire Codes in this laws and regulations list. To obtain a PDF of Chapter 26 of the Life Safety Code please send an e-mail to Greg Dugal at

"A building or groups of buildings under the same management in which there are sleeping accommodations for more than 16 persons and primarily used by transients for lodging with or without meals." Fire Code laws affecting hotels are divided into a chapter on new hotels, which is Chapter 28 of the Life Safety Code, and one on existing hotels, which is Chapter 29 of the Life Safety Code.

Release Date: 1/19/2002 12:00:00 AM