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Chris Jones Hired as COO for Hospitality Management Services


Press Contact information: Rauni Kew 207 602 8500 Greg Dugal, Executive Director Maine Innkeepers Association (207) 865-6100 For Immediate Release….. Christopher Jones Hired as Chief Operating Officer for Hospitality Association Management Services Hospitality Management Services is a new company jointly owned by Maine Innkeepers and Maine Restaurant Associations Augusta, Maine. November 21, 2013…….Christopher Jones has been hired as Chief Operating Officer for Hospitality Association Management Services (HAMS) announced Dick Grotton, President and CEO of Maine Restaurant Association (MERA), and Greg Dugal, President and CEO of Maine Innkeepers Association (MEIA). HAMS, a new company, is jointly owned by MERA and MEIA and will provide management for both associations beginning in 2014. As COO, Jones will assist Greg Dugal, who will take over as President and CEO of the newly formed collaboration between the two, well respected, statewide trade organizations. “I look forward to collaborating with the boards of directors and staffs of both Maine Innkeepers and Maine Restaurant Associations to serve our members and promote the welfare of the lodging and restaurant industries, which are so vital to Maine’s economy,” stated Jones. “I am particularly grateful for the opportunity to have Dick Grotton as a mentor in his upcoming consulting role and to work with Greg Dugal on creating and delivering exceptional value for the members of these two fine Maine hospitality institutions,” Jones said. Jones comes to the COO position with extensive experience in the restaurant business. Jones previously worked as District Manager for Friendly Ice Cream Corporation and later Director of Operations for Restaurant Results, Inc. as a consultant to the industry. Most recently Jones was principal at Blue Creek Consulting, LLC out of Albany New York. At Blue Creek Consulting he was focused on bringing much needed systems and procedures to independent restaurant owners to achieve operational efficiencies, lower costs and implement best practices. Jones graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New York at Albany, and later was awarded a Master of Business Administration degree from the Leonard N. Sterns School of Business at New York University. Photo: Christopher Jones has been hired as COO of Hospitality Association Management Services, a new company jointly owned by Maine Innkeepers and Maine Restaurant Associations. About the Maine Innkeepers Association The Maine Innkeepers Association, a leading provider of tourism information to both Maine’s lodging industry and its visitors, represents nearly 700 B&Bs, camps, cottages, hotels, inns, motels and resorts across Maine, and their suppliers. Through communication, education, promotion and government affairs, the Association helps its members achieve prosperity and deliver a quality product to the consumer. About Maine Restaurant Association The mission of the Maine Restaurant Association is to represent, promote and educate the food service industry of Maine through promotion of the business and professional interests of those engaged in the restaurant/ prepared food service industry. The Association represents the industry on a national, state and local level, and raises the level of professionalism within the industry through education and promotion of the food service industry as a career.

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11/13/200608/11/06 - 2006 Jedediah Scott Hospitality Scholar
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11/13/200606/19/06 - MEIA Education Foundation 2006 Hospital
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10/12/200408/26/04 - MEIA Announces Continued Education fo
10/12/200409/07/04 - MEIA Hosts The 2004 Stars of the Indust
10/12/200409/16/04 - MEIA Wins National Award of Excellenc
10/12/200410/11/04 - Bangor Area Employees Announced Stars
10/12/200410/11/04 - Bar Harbor Employee Announced Star of
10/12/200410/11/04 - Boothbay Harbor Employees Announced a
10/12/200410/11/04 - Cape Elizabeth Employees Announced as
6/7/200405/13/04 - Hospitality Scholarship Awards Announ
6/7/200405/18/04 - Lodging Guide is Announced
4/19/200404/12/04 - MEIA Program Benefitting Habitat for Hu
3/11/200402/23/04 - MEIA Announces its 20th Scholarship Pro
3/10/200402/09/04 - MEIA Habitat for Humanity Program
 Live Auction Supports Maine Innkeepers Education Foundation
 10 Maine Students to Receive Scolarships MEIA Tees & Textbooks
 Belinda Place of Morrill Receives MEIA Education Foundation Scholarship