7th Annual New Year’s Eve Sardine and Maple Leaf Drop-

New Year’s Eve is happening in Eastport, Maine! The city and surrounding area will celebrate the New Year with the annual Sardine and Maple Leaf Drop from the Tides Institute and Museum of Art building in the heart of the downtown’s public space, Bank Square.

“We have an 8-foot to scale model of the Atlantic Herring that will be lowered from the third story window,” said Hugh French, “This doesn’t happen everyday.”

The ‘Sardine’ will be lowered at midnight Eastern Time. A ‘Maple Leaf’ will be lowered at midnight Atlantic Time, (or 11:00 pm eastern), as Eastport is poised just west of the Atlantic time zone–so revelers celebrate twice. Restaurants, business and B&Bs are open for the occasion. See www.tidesinstitute.org for more info.