Political Action Committee Increases Clout

The Maine Innkeepers Association Political Action Committee is a vital part of our effective governmental affairs efforts. PAC money helps us gain access to legislators and to help us solve issues that are detrimental to our industry. In addition, PAC money enables us to make a real difference in electing candidates who support our industry.

Our PAC assists us with being able to combat difficult issues like extreme wage initiatives to include tip credit elimination on this November’s ballot.

Legislative Turnover Means Substantial Ongoing Education Necessary

Clearly, our legislature is addressing more and more issues affecting our industry every year. With the turnover generated by term limits, the process of educating legislators regarding our industry is ongoing. Your donations are critical to our PAC’s success.

Here’s My PAC Contribution

If you want to help build the influence and clout of the hospitality industry in Maine, you can do so easily with a contribution to our PAC. Use our secure donation form or contact us by telephone if you prefer.