Maine Innkeepers Association 2016 Innkeeper of the Year
Jeanne Carpentier, Emerald Hospitality

Augusta, Maine. December 9, 2016…..Our 2016 Maine Innkeepers Association (MEIA) Innkeeper of the Year is the Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for Emerald Hospitality. Prior to having this position, Jeanne Carpentier was the General Manager of the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Freeport. Jeanne was the Chair of the Maine Innkeepers Association in 2014 and 2015 and has been a very committed part of the MEIA leadership team. Jeanne has served on the MEIA Board since 2006, over 10 years, and has been on the Executive Committee since 2008. Jeanne served as chair of our Education and Scholarship Committee for many years and has been the long serving President of the Maine Innkeepers Education Foundation. She has transitioned from that role to serve as Treasurer.

Jeanne has had a long and storied career in Maine’s hotel industry. She served many years alongside former Maine Innkeepers Association President, Tom Grimes, as part of the management group that operated the Hampton Inn in South Portland. She was also part of the team with Grimes, which opened the Hilton Garden Inn Freeport Downtown in 2005. Jeanne is now responsible for overseeing sales and marketing for more than a dozen Emerald Hospitality properties in Maine, Massachusetts and New York, no small task especially considering all the time she has spent helping this association.

Jeanne’s role as Chair of this Association, has been very eventful including the move of association offices to Augusta and the sale of the MEIA building in Freeport, but it is her connection with the Education Foundation that will be her legacy. Jeanne’s goal along with another long time Foundation President, Greg Goforth was to get the Foundation’s reserves up to $100,000 so that interest and dividends could provide our scholarship endowment every year without sacrificing the principal. When Jeanne started on the Innkeepers Board, the Foundation had $45,000 in assets. Today the Foundation has achieved its goals and has over $120,000 in assets.

The Foundation’s assets would mean nothing, if there were not an outlet for these funds to be used for good purposes. The scholarship program for the Maine Innkeepers Association has also grown exponentially under Jeanne’s watch. We are consistently providing for 10 to twelve scholarships in the amounts of $10,000 to $12,000 annually to help hospitality oriented students and members’ employees or children regardless of what their educational pursuits would be.

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